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Bless the Children's Mission is to free abandoned and impoverished children from the chains of poverty by empowering them with health, shelter, educational and spiritual support so that they may become productive members of their society.

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Orphaned and Abandoned Children

Dearest in our hearts are those children without parents...the most basic need of a child.  For an estimated 210 million children it remains unfilled.  They are devastatingly alone. 

Of all the hardships we experience it could be said that loneliness is the very worst.  We have all experienced this.  Fortunately for us we aren't small, defenseless children.

There is nothing more important in the life of a child than a person.

Every year in Africa over 2 million children are orphaned.  That is one African child losing a parent every 15 seconds.  Children as young as 3 live in the streets with no one to look out for them.  Others, only a few years older find themselves caring for several siblings upon the death of their parents.

In Eastern Europe there are state-run orphanages with dark, cold rooms filled with silent children.  Their cribs placed so close there is hardly room to walk between them.  They are often dressed in rags.  There is sparse food, if any.  The air is filled with nauseating smells; missing are laughter, chatter or cooing - only the occasional rustle when a child moves about.  There are no sounds because the children have learned no one will come.  They rock themselves in their cribs silently.  In their eyes there is fear, despair and extreme loneliness.

Russia's orphans and street children make up 10% of their total youth.

There are 87.6 milion orphans in Asia.  There are 43.4 million orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa.  There are 12.4 million orphans in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

These are NOT just numbers.  Each one has a face, brilliant eyes, little fingers and little toes.  Each has his own laugh, his own cry.  And most of them have names; but not all.  In every country of our world there are orphaned and abandoned children.  This is a dire situation.  These children need love and help.  They need you to make them important in your life.  There is much to do to see that these children grow to be able adults; so much love needed now to help create a future filled with people capable of peace.

While we go about our day-to-day lives, they pray for parents.

These children need your help.  For just $1 each day, $30 per month, you can make a difference in the life of an orphaned or abandoned child. 




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