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Bless the Children's Mission is to free abandoned and impoverished children from the chains of poverty by empowering them with health, shelter, educational and spiritual support so that they may become productive members of their society.

Become a Member

A member is someone who joins a group because they share a common interest.  Members work together towards the attainment of a goal.  Groups are able to accomplish what is often impossible on one’s own.

Children who are hungry, children who have medical situations and children with limited access to education need you to become a member and put your love into action throughout the year.

With your commitment of just $1 per day we can provide health, nutrition and education to a child in severe need.  All over the world there are children who have no chance to make it to adulthood without our help.


Your ongoing commitment to provide health, nutrition and education to children will make a profound difference towards a future of peace and goodwill.  Your dedication to creating mindful, dedicated leaders instead of future dependents is necessary for the attainment of a truly worthwhile change for humanity.  The children of the world need a group of like-minded persons who are dedicated year-round to improving their ability to access resources to help them overcome the barriers to becoming productive, contributing adults.

The orphaned, abandoned, starving and poverty-stricken all have the potential to take responsibility for their areas of the world; all they need is a hand up.  Give them a hand up today and in the future the hand they once held out to beg with will instead be a hand held out to help another child. 

The only chance we have to break this seemingly never-ending cycle of poverty is to help the children of the world grow up in an environment of responsibility and knowledge that they matter and they can create a better world. 

Children want to participate.  Even in the poorest villages a child will tell you when they grow up they want to become a lawyer to defend the rights of the poor; they'll tell you they want to be a nurse or doctor to heal the sick and search for cures to the disease all around them.  More than anyone in the world the children see with clear eyes the devastation all around them.  We can help them be instruments of change.



Act today. 
Give children the gift of health, nutrition and education.

Become a member by committing to a monthly donation and help children overcome the very simple barriers preventing them from being a part of the solution to what ails our world…

"Thank you for being a way for us to do…We’d be helpless watchers if you weren’t our contact for those in need."  M.M.  



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