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Bless the Children's Mission is to free abandoned and impoverished children from the chains of poverty by empowering them with health, shelter, educational and spiritual support so that they may become productive members of their society.

The Children and Communities of Northern Honduras Thank You


Hello my name is Roni Misael Aleman.  I’m 7 years old, attending grade 2 at the school, I love you very much, thanks for the morning meal you are giving us every day, a big hug.




With this I want to tell you something of my life, which I am a boy that I like to study and in spite of my poverty in my family, I always have that faith of living ahead. 

It is for that reason that we feel very grateful with the morning meal because some days we don't have food in our house, then we come to the school to have that rice with milk that is so flavorful for me, because it removes the hunger, and I feel calm with my full stomach.  Thank you for the morning meal, that is very valuable to us and the children need so much. 

I want to say goodbye very affectionately to you.

Eliseo Barahona – 6th grade  



I’m writing you this letter to say thank you for everything you are doing for us, we are a very poor family, and 13 years ago I lost my father.  My mother with a lot of effort she is providing me with food, education and anything I may need.  Taking care of me and always worried for me, we don’t sometimes have food for breakfast, and I thrill myself in the morning meal that they have prepared in the school.  Thank you very much.  God Bless you.

Sincerely, José Dañiel Ulloa - 6th grade


From the Father Association for the Kindergarten in the Village of the Little Crosses

The motive of this letter is to give thanks for all what you have been doing for our community and children, hoping that always you have that very kind heart to help our children that need so much.

Damaris Izaguirre



To the members of Bless the Children Foundation:

It is a pleasure to write you to give thanks for all the help I have been receiving for my grandchildren all these years.  I am a very old man and I can’t work.  The morning meal they have at the school is a great help for me, also the learning materials.  I am very grateful with you because you always are taking care of us. I would like to ask if you can help me I am very poor.  I hope you will be able to help me.  God Bless you always.

Thank you.  Aberico Cornejo   

We thank to God firstly for the institutions that offer us support in food that we need, we request to God that He blesses their lives abundantly and that He keeps you in all your roads and that your lives prosper.

The reason of this letter is to tell you that all the students are grateful for your support of this school.  Every day that we take the school morning meal we feel grateful and we give Him thanks to God for the support that you offer us.  We feel happy and cheerful.  We don't have with which to pay you - all we can tell you is thank you and we love you in Christ's love.  Ahead of time the parents of the families, students and the professor of the School Victor F. Ardon thank you.  We feel always proud.

Thanks to all, and we hope you always give us the morning meal and that God blesses you abundantly.  Thank you.

From the Victor F. Ardon School

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